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I taste your beauty with a swirl of my tongue

In my quest for lust.

Soft and gentle, slow and attentive

I saviour the creamy taste of your ecstasy.

As your appetite for me grows deeper

I’m lost in a fantasy of pleasure.

You see the red of my desire

I’m stiff with pleasure in mind.

Your eyes light up as you see the white of my passion start to drip

I grow harder and stronger by the minute.

You lick me gently as you toast my beauty.


I long for you

I long for you to hold me
To fill me with your joy
So I will never stand alone
and have to use a toy

I long for you to see me
To catch my smile and glance
So that  we can get together
To give me that one chance

I long for you to feel me
To caress my face and hair
If only you could understand
How much I really care

I long for you to kiss me
To touch me with your love
To start a loving friendship
that will fit us like a glove

I long for you to love me
and make me feel your heat
So that we can live forever
and make me feel complete

I still love you


Remember the day we both met
the smile and look we shared
a tender kiss a strong embrace

Because I know you cared.

In spite of our love
I am now aware
that you are gone, 
and no longer there.

I often  don’t know what to  do
So many times, I have cried over you
a vacuum of sorrow is now  part of me,
Since I have to accept, that we will never be..


Our love continues to live in my heart
As I wish you well, with your brand-new start

Please, believe me when I say
You will always be with me
Come What May

In Love


You are sweet and radiant, with your white sugar skin.

Your hair a shimmering stream of desire.
You are beauty in all your brokenness, spinning your pain into powerful words,
 touching the hearts of those who chance by them.
Changing their hearts with the lines that pour from your soul to your fingertips.
You are made from love, and with that love you give affection and kindness abundantly.
Your giving back what others have taken from you in the past.
You are young with an entire expanse of life & beauty ahead of you. Keep living it.



I looked for you today
that you’ve gone away

Not far from thought
 not out of mind
but must move on
with fingers twined

Farewell dear friends
I wish you well
our lives to live
and stories to tell.

This parting gift is from the heart
enjoy yourself as I depart.

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