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I still love you


Remember the day we both met
the smile and look we shared
a tender kiss a strong embrace

Because I know you cared.

In spite of our love
I am now aware
that you are gone, 
and no longer there.

I often  don’t know what to  do
So many times, I have cried over you
a vacuum of sorrow is now  part of me,
Since I have to accept, that we will never be..


Our love continues to live in my heart
As I wish you well, with your brand-new start

Please, believe me when I say
You will always be with me
Come What May


In Love


You are sweet and radiant, with your white sugar skin.

Your hair a shimmering stream of desire.
You are beauty in all your brokenness, spinning your pain into powerful words,
 touching the hearts of those who chance by them.
Changing their hearts with the lines that pour from your soul to your fingertips.
You are made from love, and with that love you give affection and kindness abundantly.
Your giving back what others have taken from you in the past.
You are young with an entire expanse of life & beauty ahead of you. Keep living it.
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