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Dear deidre

A lady friend asked me to visit her at home and take a look at her much admired my topiary. She has now invited me back to her home and even asked me to trim her bush one evening. Over many years as a landscape gardener I have a gained a reputation for innovative decorative features. I do have some large equipment that I have mainly used on girlfriends. I’m not sure whether I should give her the service she requires or just stop fannying around and just give her a good shagging.  Can you please advise?

Some of my work.



I long for you

I long for you to hold me
To fill me with your joy
So I will never stand alone
and have to use a toy

I long for you to see me
To catch my smile and glance
So that  we can get together
To give me that one chance

I long for you to feel me
To caress my face and hair
If only you could understand
How much I really care

I long for you to kiss me
To touch me with your love
To start a loving friendship
that will fit us like a glove

I long for you to love me
and make me feel your heat
So that we can live forever
and make me feel complete


Paul Hollywood's Bread.

I love Paul Hollywood’s Bread.

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