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Replacement for Benedict Cumberbatch in the new series of Sherlock.

BBC find a replacement for Benedict Cumberbatch in the new series of Sherlock.



Simon Cowell


Captain America

Captain America

Captain America


I taste your beauty with a swirl of my tongue

In my quest for lust.

Soft and gentle, slow and attentive

I saviour the creamy taste of your ecstasy.

As your appetite for me grows deeper

I’m lost in a fantasy of pleasure.

You see the red of my desire

I’m stiff with pleasure in mind.

Your eyes light up as you see the white of my passion start to drip

I grow harder and stronger by the minute.

You lick me gently as you toast my beauty.


Dear Deidre

Our neighbour was helping with the carpentry for our new kitchen – then I caught him in bed with my wife. I’m 39 and my wife is 36. She’s been around the block a few times and I couldn’t believe that she still wanted to go around again. She has a friend from her school days who has nicknamed her Cockermouth, but I just thought she was from the Lake District. When she agreed to date me, she told me that she loved Willy. At the time I thought this was her Yorkshire terrier.. We’ve always had a great relationship with lots of sex in allsorts of positions. But then this new guy moved in next door. He’s 30, a carpenter and seemed so nice. My wife decided her draws needed a closer inspection and if we bought them online, our neighbour could come across and we could save some cash. He seemed keen on helping and making some money, too, so we had quite a few evenings going through the plans. I always used to find them in our kitchen sharpening his pencil with my wife at hand.  The work was soon under way – but I got the shock of my life when I got home from work early and found him lubricating his chisel in my wife’s back passage. I was so angry; I looked at them and froze. He had the cheek to ask me for a tissue to wipe off his residue. Then I came to my senses and yelled at the guy: “Get out of here before I thump you!” As my wife was the one playing away perhaps she deserved the punch. But I’d never hit a woman so I tired her up to the bed and made her watch Good Morning Britain. She could see how upset I was so I ran to her mother’s house and ended up in bed with her. A month has past and I was told by a friend that the carpenter chisel has gone blunt and my wife is living on her own. So I went round to see her when I met the carpenter coming back from the shop as he had only run out of 3 in 1 oil. I feel angry and betrayed. I can’t get the image of my wife and this bloke out of my head. But what really disturbs me is that I find it arousing. I don’t know whether to tell my wife the effect it’s had on me or ask her for a divorce.

Giant Art Installation Targets Predator Drone Operators



In military slang, Predator drone operators often refer to kills as ‘bug splats’since viewing the body through a grainy video image gives the sense of an insect being crushed.

To challenge this insensitivity as well as raise awareness of civilian casualties, an artist collective installed a massive portrait facing up in the heavily bombed Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa region of Pakistan, where drone attacks regularly occur. Now, when viewed by a drone camera, what an operator sees on his screen is not an anonymous dot on the landscape, but an innocent child victim’s face.


The installation is also designed to be captured by satellites in order to make it a permanent part of the landscape on online mapping sites.

The project is a collaboration of artists who made use of the French artist JR’s ‘Inside Out’ movement. Reprieve/Foundation for Fundamental Rights helped launch the effort which has been released with the hashtag

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