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Goldsmiths University Undergradute Art Show 2012 Melanie Chitty



Imaginative visualization techniques

Many athletes’ use imaginative visualization techniques to regularly think clearly and with clarity about their ambitions and goals. Some of them will do this for a set period of time each day as part of their routine. By doing so, they are subconsciously influencing their life via auto-suggestion to help them move subconsciously towards their goals and can start paving the way to a successful outcome. Abundant thoughts create reality and reality, in turn, helps to breed fresh new original and abundant thoughts and ideas. Technically we are just living in a world that has been constructed and developed from millions of people’s thoughts and ideas.



I looked for you today
that you’ve gone away

Not far from thought
 not out of mind
but must move on
with fingers twined

Farewell dear friends
I wish you well
our lives to live
and stories to tell.

This parting gift is from the heart
enjoy yourself as I depart.


Stone stacking on a small scale

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