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Queen’s Diamond Jubilee

Cecil Beaton 2












I love these old photo’s of the Queen. Cecil Beaton’s photographs are part of an exhibition at the V&A.



Cold Spell

























Harry Potter Levitating Wisdom Wand

This Harry Potter levitating wisdom wand can be used to find complete serenity . I keep it in a wand satchel and give it regular rubbing with pixie dust.

Harry Potter Levitating Blackthorn Wand







This 14″ Blackthorn wand is known for its size which makes it perfect for delivering a perfect spell. Polishing the wand at a regular intervals will provide the charm needed to get the best results.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

It still amazes me how upset people can get when they see a beloved book turned into a film. This is never better seen than with Harry Potter reader and the same can be said for Sherlock Holmes. However, Sherlock has the baggage of previous versions excellently played by Basil Rathbone and Jeremy Brett. Comparisons about the shape of his nose and even that deerstalker are still talked about today.  
The one thing they all portray is Sherlock’s satisfaction at proving how smart he is against those around him and the thrill of the hunt that excites both of us. Selfishly he has to satisfy his own personal interest , curiosity and his overactive mind.
The main constant in both the books and films is the relationship between Holmes and Watson which at times can be described as an old married couple; the type in which the two involved have known each other for so long that they are both tired of and lost without each other. In a Game of Shadows their bickering makes for most of the comedy in the movie, where similarities to the lethal weapon films have been noted.  In the books, however, you’re more likely to find pleasant descriptions of the friendship between the pair.
The first half hour is a drawn-out and laborious affair as we eventually catch up with Professor  Moriarty (Jared Harris). The high –octane plot switches us fromLondontoParisandSwitzerland with so many digressions, that time for character development is neglected. A glowing example of this is the fleeting appearance of Irene Adler (Rachel McAdams) who is supposed to be the love of Sherlock’s life. 
Stephen Fry plays the establishment fixer Mycroft (Holmes’s older brother).We witness Mycroft having a breakfast-time conversation with Watson’s wife while naked, and he introduces an unnecessarily camp element by addressing Holmes as “Sherly”. I feel too much comedy can distract from the tension required to produce a good thriller.
On the plus side all the set designs were breathtakingly brilliant especially Old London and Hans Zimmer’s team give a rousing score. Forget Sir Arthur Conan Doyle it looks more and more like a Guy Ritchie Film, what next, James Bond?
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